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Brigade Splitboard

As diverse as the terrain you can access..and as light as most carbon boards
Voyageur supreme

GroomerPow"Too" Deep

3-Year Warranty & Crash Replacement

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Fur Brigades were the crews that hauled fur pelts and goods between Hudson's Bay and the West Coast. Months of paddling and portaging with the central point of the trip being just North of what is now Revelstoke. Human powered travel through the frontier.

The Brigade is a versatile volume shifted board that is nimble in deep powder and quick to navigate rougher 'whitewater' conditions. It has a sidecut on the deeper side and it rails tight turns on firm snow.

There are four sizes based on two cores. Each provide subtle character changes. The smaller of the two comes in a 154 and a 158 and the larger  comes in 158 and a 162, confusing AF we know....think of them as a 154 and a 158 each with a long nose version. The 40mm extended nose provides a little more float and a a more gradual angle of attack for the nose. While the shorter nose is slightly more quick to move around with its steeper attack angle, while also shedding a tiny bit of weight.

The Brigade varies in construction slightly from the rest of the line up. We've replaced the topsheet with an ultra thin and tough film. This reduces weight by and average of 200grams while reducing the overall plastic content of a board where it isn't necessary.

"Graphics" are created by tinting the epoxy that is the structure of the board. The finished top is left with some texture but less than if the board had no topsheet at all. Since the Brigade is predominantly made to order you get to choose your own single or two-tone color combo. We reserve the right to say your taste is absolute rubbish. (PC translation: we can help you discover a color choice that you will love)

This option will not be available forever.

Good fit:
  • Riders looking for a versatile board
  • Like squiggles
  • Rip trees at speed
Bad fit:
  • Obsessed with riding switch
  • Don't like having fun
  • For ultimate Big-mountain charger see the Ursa Major
  • For a more twinish All-mountain see the Poacher

Profile and flex

The Brigade shares the same rocker-camber profile as the Ursa Major


Size (cm) 154 158 (S) 158 (L) 162
Running Length (mm) 1140
Nose length (mm) 250 290
250 290
Tail length (mm) 150 150 150 150
Nose Width (mm) 307
Tail Width (mm) 292 292
Waist Width (mm) 260
Sidecut Radius (mm) 7600 7600 7700 7700
Setback (mm) 15

S = Short Running length model

L = Long running length model

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