Trout Trap Splitboard


3-Year Warranty & Crash Replacement

Shape: Directional

Sidecut: Directional progressive

Application: Powder, Carving

GroomerPow"Too" Deep


The Trout Trap is a powder shape through and through but delivers more than you'd expect. Maximized float and glide are balanced along it's length rather than relying on a sinking tail to keep the nose up. This creates a board that is highly maneuverable and carries as much speed as possible through all terrain. This means bigger pow slashes, more face shots, more flow, and no getting stuck in the flats.

For the surfers, this board is a translation of a 5'6" twin fin with lots of volume and a broad tail; floats, short, nimble, and generates plenty of down the line speed. Catch more waves on the Trout Trap!

As a splitboard it provides you with an incredible mountain tool for everything you can see on any given day of touring. It's compact shape creates a light weight split with maximum float and great effective edge. Tight chutes, deep or not, to surfing low angle terrain with armpit deep pow (think Japan).

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Good fit:
  • Riders that want one split for pow and everything else
  • Want light weight package with heavyweight capabilities
  • Going on a vacation to Japan...
Snowboard fit
Bad fit:
  • Like doing 180s
  • Want to ride switch while touring
  • See The Ursa Major for a pow/freeride board that rides switch

Profile and Flex

Light camber: edge hold, c\pop, stability

Modest Nose Rocker:glide while maintaining response

Early Rise Tail: catch-free, smooth turn exits

Overall: Medium flex for excellent powder carving

Nose: Medium-soft nose creates lift in powder and smooth turn initiation

Tail: Medium flex for support on landings and snappy turn exits



Size (cm) 150 155 160
Running Length (mm) 1160 1210 1260
Nose length (mm) 280 280 280
Tail Length (mm) 70 70 70
Nose Width (mm) 296 302 308
Tail Width (mm) 288 294 300
Waist Width (mm) 251 256 260
Sidecut Radius (mm) 8300 8800 9100
Setback (mm) 20 20 20


Shipping Rates
1-2 Boards 3-4 Boards Hat
Canada-wide $30 CAD $50 CAD $15 CAD
USA (48+AK) $35 USD $60 USD $13 USD
USA (other) $70 USD $120 USD Email
International $95 USD $ 175 USD Email