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Ursa Major Snowboard

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Freeride dominator. Confidence at any speed on any terrain.

GroomerPow"Too" Deep
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GroomerPow"Too" Deep

3-Year Warranty & Crash Replacement

Flat shipping rates for North America and international


The Ursa Major has been the corner stone of our line-up since 2011. Several small changes over the years but it's soul has remained the same. It was designed to fill a desire for a hard charging board with a playful attitude that can handle big lines and speed and still be lots of fun in the trees. The design generates lots of float and stability. Unlike most freeride boards, the Ursa retains more surface area behind your rear foot to create a stable platform for landings, high-speed turns, and popping off of soft features without punching into the snow pack. This factor also means you can manage to ride switch in powder to some degree while riding switch perfectly on firm snow.

The Ursa is a board that gives you confidence to carry more speed on any line while still being fun and playful when you choose to dial it back. It's designed to absorb and glide over choppy conditions to maintain control and reduce fatigue. On groomers it likes to draw out long wide turns at speed but can be tightened up wen you really push into the turn for fun short snappy carves.

Good fit:
  • Riders looking for a versatile powder board
  • Push their freeriding with confidence
  • Just send it.
Bad fit:
  • Looking for a jib board
  • Predominantly only ride on-piste
  • For more of an all-mountain charger see the Poacher
  • For a more surfy pow stick se the Trout Trap

Freeride dominator

The Ursa Major

Inspired by Rogers Pass, BC, Ursa Major is your go-t for tight chutes, deep or not, to surfing low angle terrain with armpit deep pow.

Profile & Flex

Light Camber: edge hold, stability, pop

Nose rocker: float, quick turn initiation, while maintaining bump absorption

Early rise tail: catch-free, smooth turn transitions

Overall: Smooth progression from nose to tail for the ultimate freeride performance

Nose: Medium-soft for float, bump absorption, true carving in powder

Tail: Stiffer tail provides reliable platform when things get spicy

Specs & Sizing

Size (cm) 151 155 160 165 170
Running Length (mm) 1110 1160 1210 1260 1310
Nose length (mm) 250 250 250 250 250
Tail length (mm) 150 150 150 150 150
Nose Width (mm) 285.5 289 298 306 313
Tail Width (mm) 277 281 294 302 305
Waist Width (mm) 241.5 245 256 262 266
Sidecut Radius (mm) 7700 8400 9100 9400 9900
Setback (mm) 0 0 0 0 0
Find the Right Fit

Sizing similar to your all-mountain board or 1-3cm longer. For best comparison refer to the "Running Lengths" not overall length.

On the cusp?

Size up: you generally ride larger boards

Size down: your current board is more than 3cm shorter than suggested size

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Big Big Bear

Days riding on this board:11-25, Review:When I received the request to share my review, I went to the Trapper website to familiarize myself with the Major's description. The goose bumps were instant. The description is so incredibly accurate I found myself in a trance.
Imaging myself flying downward in knee deep POW with artful precision. Then to a spring groomer day, curving corduroy like a surgeon on speed. Long story short, the big bear performs just as the description on website states it would. It is a hard charging thrill machine.
Unfortunately for me, I overlooked one small detail which keeps this board from being crowned King of the Hill. Based on my height, weight and riding ability, I elected to go with the 160 over the 155. When I mounted bindings I noticed how wide the stance was compared to my other boards, even the longer ones. I convinced myself I could adapt and off I went. Its been journey. Not only have I had to learn to ride with a significantly wider stance, I had change my traditional stance completely. Typically I ride feet almost parallel a little greater than shoulder width apart angled slightly forward. On the Ursa I ride the ultra wide duck foot stance. Its not favorite and find it harder on my knees and hips. It almost prevents me from venturing into the super tight trees which I fucking love. On tree hugging days the bear gets traded in for the fish:l
Id buy another Trapper in a heart beat though. In fact, I just might.

This board is a tank

Days riding on this board:26-50, Review:Super stable board. Handles rough terrain - chunder, ice, unfortunate mogul forays like a champ. Very fast, can get up to 90km/h on this. Very agile at the same time. Tight trees are no problem. Floats on powder like a feather.

Matt McIsaac
My go to all 'round board

Days riding on this board:100+, Review:After dabbling in the stiffer longer Ride and Burton models, I landed on an Ursa Major. It was a life changing experience. I went from fighting the designs of the major developers, to melding with this uniquely graceful charger of a board. I will ride this in all conditions. It holds firm on chunder and ice. It floats in anything but the deepest blower days. It is shockingly maneuverable for such a large board. It is best ridden fast. When I broke the sidewall in my first one at Revelstoke Mountain Resort, I texted Greg via the website. Later that day I was at his shop, happily picking up an updated model. When I convinced a buddy to try it, after years on a Salomon, he went on about how he could finally keep up, and how amazed he was with the speed and stability of this board. If I'm running to any hill without knowing the conditions, I grab my Ursa, and I'm always happy.

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