Over the years we have gotten lots of questions. Some of them partly due to a lack of information on the website. Some due to confusion created by too much info on the website. Some due to stupidity (usually on our part). For the most part it's because you just can't cover the answer to everything, and sometimes Google doesn't have the answer and neither does that set of encyclopedias that your dad is so fond of (that were definitely printed before the glorious rise of snowboarding). That's why we have an FAQ. We will update this page as questions come in. If we get any really funny ones we'll have to share them too but we are honestly yet to receive any that deserve ridicule as we like to think our customers are pretty smart. After all you are here looking at the boards in the first place. Stay tuned.

Q: What size suits me best?

A: For 2016, we've taken the time to conduct and compile some super science. Using mind melting algorithms we have developed our new sizing charts with our team consisting of 3 pine martens, a lynx, and one elusive wolverine that only showed up for a quick grunt and nod twice (he was commuting from Northern BC, those buggers have a wide range). Stupidity aside this sizing is based on both design parameters and actual feedback from team riders, demo participants, and customers. 

The flex patterns of our boards are carefully designed based on two main criteria:

  • Rider weight (use your actual weight not including your soaked gear or 12-pack of beer)
  • Rider height (no, not while in your best racing tuck)

    1. Find where you height and weight intersect on the size chart.

    2. If your intersection falls into an area of overlap or very close to it the following criteria is used to hone in. These are listed in order of importance:

    • Rider ability/aggressiveness (+/- 10-15lbs depending on where YOU feel you fit)
    • Natural habitat (+10-15lbs if you honestly rip "AK" all day, -10-15lbs if you ride steep tight trees, no change if you ride broad spectrum)
    • Rider preference (only if you are close fit between sizes, within 5-10lbs) 

    Things you don't need to adjust for:

    • Powder. They all rip pow based on your weight. No adjustments for white-room heroes.
    • Park rat factor. No. Haha. If you are looking at the Poacher definitely adjust for your preference accordingly. For example, no men over 155lbs on a 154 Howler no matter how much you want to spin 1440s while split boarding to your cheese wedge. We have fine tuned our flex patterns to create boards that perform exceptionally well for their intended sized rider so please keep that in mind.
    We are yet to have steered anyone wrong in choosing the right board in four years.
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