Orders received by September 30th will be shipping by October 31st. Orders received between October 1st and 15th will be shipping by November 15th.

Timelines will vary based on when you order.

We will continue producing but delivery before October 31st won't be guaranteed and will follow a first come first serve basis.

To streamline things in the shop we are cutting down on the variety we offer. If your size does not show as available on pre-order please reach out to us and we'll see if we can sneak one into production but will have to handle that on case by case basis.

Nope sorry. The bullet holes in my feet are still healing.


We are a factory direct company and our boards are available for purchase here on our website.

You can come give them a flex and see where they are made right here in Revelstoke, by appointment only.

The Wax Bench is Revelstoke's premier tuning/service/rental shop and has a selection of Trapper boards for rent/testing.


To keep it simple we have a flat rate system for up to 2 boards.

Canada - $40 CAD

USA (48 + AK) - $40 USD

Other - $100 CAD

Why not FREE shipping - it's like getting a discount for pickup instead! Come see where it's built.

Here on our website or in Revelstoke at our factory (by appointment).

The Wax Bench, in Revelstoke. A premier tuning/service/rental shop has a selection of Trapper boards for rent/testing.

We don't have a set demo schedule these days as we are so busy building and riding. But occasionally we make it out or can be found at events, keep an eye on our Facebook page. You can also email us if you are interested in demoing a board and we can see what can be arranged. We work closely with The Wax Bench here in Revelstoke to give people the opportunity try and test boards in town.


New Trapper snowboards and splitboards come with a 3-year warranty against manufacturer and material defects. Used demo boards are not covered by this warranty unless otherwise stated.

Warranty is handled on a case by case basis but generally covers damage not resulting from excessive impacts/abuse/etc. The common things you might think of include: delamination, edge failure, insert failure, or other failure under normal usage.

Sometimes we as snowboarders ask too much of our gear or just straight up smash into something. First of all, we hope you are not injured. Second, in the event your board is not repairable or covered under warranty we have always offered a Crash Replacement option for riders. On a case by case basis we offer the rider a replacement at a significant discount to keep you on the board you love. This is managed on a case by case basis and taking things like age of the board, nature of the damage, etc into account.

We are proud of our quality and durability. Our warranty rate since 2011 is less than 1.5%.

In the last three years we have had less than a 0.25% warranty rate (including crash replacements). Those are industry leading numbers you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else. Learn more about our construction to see why that is.


These are things we have offered in the past and we appreciate people coming to us looking for that option. We are currently focused on producing and developing the wide spectrum of boards that we currently make.

We've worked long and hard to develop our line-up and truly believe we have something to suit almost any taste. As a small operation it is is challenging to provide this many models and sizes. Especially when you consider they are almost all available as splitboards as well as snowboards.


Clearly it is a big part of what we offer. We are always on the lookout for potential new artwork or collaborations. If that's something that interests you please do get in touch with us via email ( and send us a link to a portfolio of sorts.

Nah thanks.

Applications for ambassadorship should be taken a little more seriously then a "spray n pray" shotgun approach by sending out a thousand requests.

We are however potentially interested in select folks with a professional attitude in a variety of regions. Best approach is to provide us with a professionalish proposal to Don't be willy nilly about it. Only serious applicants that have an honest understanding of what they bring to the table and what they expect in return will be considered.

We are not actively filling any positions but are always keeping our eyes out for the right person. If you are interested in applying please send a resume and cover letter to

We asses these opportunities on a case by case basis. An example of professionals who may be eligible would be active CASI instructors or snowboard coaches. These spots are limited by availability. Off season is best but if we can manage we like to support people that are putting back into the snowboard community. To apply for this program send us an email with some info, credentials, and place of employment. A letter of reference and proof of employment will likely be required at a later time but no need to jump through those hoops right off the bat, just be aware they are a requirement.