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Getting the board that's right for you is important, to both yourself and us. As a small company we truly appreciate the opportunity to make sure each and everyone of our potential customers get the board that's right for them, whether it's a Trapper or not.

What's the right board for you? The one that is going to make you smile the most and help you enjoy the parts of snowboarding that are most important to you. You are the expert on what you enjoy and what you want to do with your board. We are the experts on making the board but more importantly making the connection between that board and what you value.

If you find yourself teetering on a model or size after trying to make sense of all this gibberish get in touch with us. Use the Personal Advice form at the bottom of the page to help us help you. Thanks to the personal nature of our company, when you ask questions about a board fitment you communicate directly with the designer and builder.

We have yet to steer anyone wrong when it comes to board choice and we really enjoy the experience of being able to set you up for lots of good times.


Application Guide

The board application chart can be found at the bottom of both the Snowboard and Splitboard collection pages as well as the bottom of each individual board page. Each bar in the chart is a clickable link to that respective model.


Find Your Bubble

It's time to sort out which size suits you best. Instead of the broad weight range that is commonplace, our size chart bubbles guide you to a better fitting board who's flex pattern and length suit you best. These guides are based off of both design and actual customer/demo-goer feedback. This is meant as a guide and clearly don't cover every possible scenario so if you have any questions or uncertainties fill out the Personal Advice form at the bottom of the page and we'll help you find the right fit.

Use your actual weight for this, the scale is already adjusted for normal gear and riding pack. If you are using a very large pack (ie: you are a guide or doing lots of overnight trips on a splitboard) size-up if you are close to the edge of the bubble.

Find where your weight and height intersect on the chart to find a starting point. Next to the chart you'll find "Size-up" and "Size-down" scenarios that may apply to you if you are close to a bubble overlap or have personal preferences.

Here is an example showing a rider that weighs 176lbs (80kg) at a height just over 5'10" (182cm). They fall within the bubble for a 160 cm Ursa Major.

This rider falls pretty close to the bubble overlap, a 165cm could also suit them quite well depending on preference and what the rider values. That's where the size-up/down guidelines come in.

Size-up: criteria like "high-speed" or "powder focus"

Size-down: criteria like "tight trees" or "precision"



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