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Ursa Major from Trapper Snowboards on Vimeo.

Our most popular model. The Ursa breaks the freeride mould to make our ideal aggressive freeride board without sacrificing a playful feel. Floatation, stability, and power transmission. The design doesn't rely on the tail sinking to keep the nose up, the shape and flex create a balanced float. This improves maneuverability, speed in soft snow, more tail support on drops, and allows the rider to pop off of soft features without the tail punching into the snow as much. While it is not designed to excel at riding switch in powder it manages to do so when needed but rides switch perfectly on firm snow. The Ursa ideally suits riders that like to point and shoot, ride big lines, smash lots of pow, send it, charge any and all conditions, or are looking for a versatile board that is focused on riding powder in one direction.


Long broad tip provides a large surface for floatation and climb in soft snow while maintaining a slightly shorter running length for improved maneuverability in all conditions. The short boxy tail has minimal rise for added stability, control, and predictability. A wide sidecut radius adds to the designs stability at speed as well as maintains more surface area underfoot for floatation at the center of the board (rather than at the ends).


Light camber underfoot maintains edge pressure, pop and stability. Light rocker in the nose for added float and turn initiation in soft snow. Slight early rise rocker near the rear contact point to improve maneuverability but maintain power. The minimal rockers maintain excellent edge hold in all conditions.

Flex profile:

Powder flex nose with freeride flex tail. Progressive flex in the nose compliments the light rocker for un-compromised float and carving in powder. A stiff tail flex pattern provides stability and power to blast through crud, pop off lips, stick landings, and all big mountain riding.

Here is a good review from Japan. The reviewer (Andrew) managed to get his hands on a 161 Ursa Major unbeknownst to us at Trapper and does a great job of summarizing it's character.


I bought it as a powder board but it’s actually more an all-mountain charger with a surprisingly fun versatile character too. Powder is where it works best, and when freeriding I think it will answer the call however hard you push it. What really sets it apart is that it doesn’t have many of the compromises of a straight powder quiver board. In powder it’s a no-brainer, but the more I get used to it on hard snow, the more I find myself reaching for it even on non-powder days. It manages to pull off this Jekyll and Hyde balancing act from how the uber-functional shape, subtle profile and lively flex all interact. That’s a really tough balance to get right but Trapper have pretty much nailed it here. Maybe that’s what you get when boards are hand made from start to finish by powder hungry Canadians?"

-Andrew Kelly

Read the full review here

Of course here is some video from Hakuba, Japan, of Andrew havin' a time with the Ursa.


The snow season is still in full swing in #Japan, and our #JapanGrabs bloggers have been ripping the pow at every opportunity. This footage is just from a couple of glorious runs at #Hakuba #Cortina. This and a lot more in the Japan Grabs blog: http://bit.ly/japangrabs

Posted by BOARDWORLD on Thursday, March 19, 2015

Use the above chart to find the size that suits you best.

These charts are plotted based on our design and personal experience as well as feedback from a broad spectrum of riders including participants on our demo days.

For the Ursa, if you are near the cusp of two sizes we typically suggest riders go for the larger size (especially for more advanced or aggressive riders). The design of the Ursa incorporates a long kick in the nose which gives the board a shorter running length compared to its overall length. This gives the board a shorter feel while still providing the stability and float of a larger board in soft conditions

Ursa Major 155 160 165
Running Length (mm) 1160 1210 1260
Nose Width (mm) 289 298 302
Tail Width (mm) 281 294 298
Waist Width (mm) 245 256 258
Sidecut Radius (mm) 8400 9100 9400
Setback (mm) 0 0 0
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