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The Banked Slalom Race board that will have you showing up late for your start time....because you were too busy laying down turns, sending side-hits, hunting pow, and slaying tight trees.

While banked slaloms are a really good time, The Swift quickly became our go-to board for all but the deepest days. It's character is spot on with that of a banked slalom. It's a lot of fun, all smiles and laughs until you are skootching into the start gate. Then it's super serious slippy slidey times until you cross the finish line.....then everything is back to snowboarding....fun.


Width - Narrower means less drag and quicker edge to edge.

Side-cut - moderately tight to tight and back again. Helps you get that inside line when you need it but still lets you flat base it on the very edge of the berm! Plus it's more fun for shredding outside of the course.....standing in line is for chumps.

Slightly elongated nose to keep you from burying it in soft corners. Not a coincidence that this makes it ride pow much better. Short shallow forked tail. Why? Why not, looks sweet and still rides switch like a champ.


Light camber maintains edge pressure, pop and stability while slight early rise rocker near the front contact point reduces hangups and locking in to hard into a turn.

Flex profile:

A little softer overall to allow the rider the subtle manipulations to react to what's underfoot ad what's coming. Ever so slightly stiffer in the tail for more powerful turn exits.

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