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Here fishy fishy fishy!

Catch all the fishies POW. Be like Ernie, be The Angler.

This little nugget has been in the back of our minds for a few years and we finally got around to pressin' out some prototypes last season. Guess what!? They were a lot of fun! The Angler performs almost exactly as you'd expect. All-time hippy slashes, nimble in the trees, just all around giggle inducing in powder. One aspect that you may not suspect is that it really likes to get sendy. We find ourselves hunting every little pillow, hip, roll, or drop. She does get to be a bit of a handful in hard or crusty chop though.

The split version was initially designed with the intention of running it as a bindingless powsurfer when the conditions permit. Thanks to another great local company Almond Mfg. They have been supplying their traction kits since powsurfings infancy. The beauty of the system is that once you get to the top of your line you can decide right then and there whether to shred with or without bindings. We all know you have to be flexible when out touring in the back country. Whether it be unexpected terrain and conditions or the damn ski out.

Despite its short length it is designed to work perfectly with G3 Alpinist skins with an alternate tail clip from G3 which rests in a dedicated notch in the tail. (both the notch and the tail clip can be seen in the images above)

It's wide. It floats. It sends. It's fun. Comes in 143cm model only with the flex pattern being adjusted to rider size, weight and preference.

Use the above chart to find the size that suits you best.

For The Angler it's one size fits most but instead the flex pattern is adjusted according to rider size. Use this table as a guide and factor in your personal board preferences.

The Angler 143
Running Length (mm) 1090
Nose Width (mm) 318
Tail Width (mm) 298
Waist Width (mm) 270
Sidecut Radius (mm) 7200
Setback (mm) 40
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