Flint Snowboard


3-Year Warranty & Crash Replacement

Shape: Directional

Sidecut: Directional progressive

Application: All-Mountain, Carving, Light powder

GroomerPow"Too" Deep



The Flint is the love child of the Trout Trap and the Poacher. We took the carving and glide performance of the Trout and blended it with the all-mountain prowess of the Poacher. Initially developed as a banked slalom and playful carving board, it quickly became the one board we grabbed for all but the deepest days. In the days of quiver building the Flint bridges a lot of gaps to deliver a directional board that covers a very wide spectrum.

The Flint is a fast and nimble ideal for wiggling through the trees and hitting those sniper landings. Serves well as a directional "quiver of one" or compliments a quiver well by bridging the gaps between powder boards and all-mountain and carving. Good powder board for riders on the lower end of the size/weight bubble. For really deep powder and low angle float look to the Trout Trap instead.

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Good fit:
  • Lighter rider looking for a nimble powder board without the bulk
  • Prioritize lightweight and versatility over maximum float
  • Want a board for EVERY condition, not just powder
Snowboard fit
Bad fit:
  • Upper region of size bubble and want a pure powder board
  • Regularly ride low-angle terrain with deep snow
  • What you really need is a Trout Trap

Profile and Flex

Light camber: edge hold, pop, stability

Early rise rocker: reduced drag (faster), smooth turn entry and exit

Overall: All-Mountain, a playful feel without sacrificing response when pushed

Nose: Stiff enough to drive into turns but soft enough for smooth turn initiation and flotation

Tail: slightly more progressive than the nose for powerful turn exits and extra pop



Size (cm) 154 154W 158
Running length (mm) 1190 1190 1230
Nose length (mm) 220 220 220
Tail length (mm) 130 130 130
Nose width (mm) 302 315 315
Tail width (mm) 287 300 300
Waist width (mm) 251 264 260
Sidecut radius (mm) 7700 7700 7850
Stance setback (mm) 20 20 20



Shipping Rates
1-2 Boards 3-4 Boards Hat
Canada-wide $30 CAD $50 CAD $15 CAD
USA (48+AK) $35 USD $60 USD $13 USD
USA (other) $70 USD $120 USD Email
International $95 USD $ 175 USD Email