The Last Man Standing

When we stumbled upon this incredible project from Eben we immediately knew it belonged on a Trapper. Low and behold Eben's story resonates with us with more meaning than just an amazing piece of work. In Eben's words...

My old man pushed me into my first wave at Bay of Plenty in Durban, South Africa. Safe to say I was hooked. Bodyboards gave way to 80's twin fins and later some serious boards shaped by legends on the scene. But one board stood out. A 6'6 Rounded pin based on a Peter Daniels shape.

That board was the bomb and went everywhere with me. I worked for a shaper, Ronan Harkin (Rosy Surfboards) in Ireland where I was responsible for artwork on the boards and glassing.

Eight years ago I moved to Scotland and settled in the Tweed valley at the foot of some amazing forests to find some peace. I was sad to leave the surfboard industry but that's the path life took me on. I threw myself into making art out of the local woods available concentrating mostly on Scottish fauna and flora as that is what surrounds me.

But surfing will haunt you if you turn your back on it...

In 2014 I decided it's been far too long. I wanted to make something really special. I got in touch with Rosy after many years and told him the idea I had of possibly making a board out of wood and burn on it. Without thinking twice Rosy was in. He always understood my madness and the ideas that spawned from it.

In March 2015 I ordered 7ft by 3 inch wide lengths of balsa wood from Ecuador as the UK don't sell balsa that long. I set off building a blank myself! Something I've never done before. Each piece had to be cut by hand according to the foil (side profile of a surfboard) to match up the next and glued. But I managed and sent Rosy a pre-shaped blank to finish off. He surprised me by shaping a replica of my old 6'6 rounded pin. Apparently he took some templates of it back in the day and kept it. You know....just in case.

When I got the shaped blank back I was pretty emotional. Brought back a lot of hard times I went through before I left Ireland.

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Shipping Rates
1-2 Boards 3-4 Boards Hat
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