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  • 141 Angler

    One of the prototypes from the development of The Angler. Slightly shorter with a little shorter effective edge than the production model. This on is on the stiffer side and...
  • 159 Howler

    This here is a fine sample of Trapper vintage construction. Before our switch to our invincible urethane sidewalls we used to use organic Hardrock Maple wood. This stuff is tough...
  • 154 ???

    One of the prototypes used in the development of the ??? board. Has a slightly more progressive sidecut than the production model. Super fun turns really lightweight and snappy. Great...
  • 160 Ursa Major

    160 Ursa Major demo board. Great condition. Marks from use on topsheet. No damage to base or edges. Slightly stiffer than stock. See the main Ursa Major page on our...
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