Angler Splitboard


*Pow-surf pads not included (available on request)

3-Year Warranty & Crash Replacement

Shape: Powsurf

Sidecut: Directional Progressive

Application: Powsurf, Carving, Nipple deep

GroomerPow"Too" Deep


The Angler performs almost as you'd expect. All-time hippy slashes. Nimble in the trees. Just all around giggle inducing in powder. One aspect that you may not suspect is that it really likes to get sendy and rip tight trenches on the groomers. We find ourselves hunting every little pillow, hip, roll, and drop. She does get to be a bit of a handful in hard or crusty chop though for smaller footed riders.

A fun split that laughs at kick turns on the way up can turn just as tight on the way back down. Ditch the bindings and add a pad and it serves most excellently as a powsurfer. While surprisingly versatile it is a short setback board and not an ideal choice if you are hunting couloirs with unknown conditions, especially in the spring. If you know you are going to see soft conditions it's a great split to grab and can handle everything you throw at it with scalpel precision.

We notch the tail at the factory to work with G3 skins and cam-over tail clips. Please specify if you are planning on using a different skin and we'll adjust tail notch accordingly.

For larger riders on the edge of the size/weight bubble special order for a stiffer flex pattern.
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Good fit:
  • Split powsurfing!
  • Adding a fun powder board to a quiver
  • Japan....
Snowboard fit
Bad fit:
  • Looking for a mountain tool for all conditions
  • Sending cliffs (makes for bomb-hole landings)
  • For a more versatile mountain tool look to the Trout Trap

Profile and Flex

Light Camber: Edge hold, pop, stability

Rocker: Surfy float, quick pivoting, powsurfin'

Overall: Flex pattern for float and matches sidecut progression for cuttin' ruts on groomers

Nose: Big and flexy for powder pleasure

Tail: The what now!?



Size (cm) 143
Running Length (mm) 1090
Nose length (mm) 318
Tail length (mm) 30
Nose Width (mm) 318
Tail Width (mm) 298
Waist Width (mm) 270
Sidecut Radius (mm) 7200
Setback (mm) 40


Shipping Rates
1-2 Boards 3-4 Boards Hat
Canada-wide $30 CAD $50 CAD $15 CAD
USA (48+AK) $35 USD $60 USD $13 USD
USA (other) $70 USD $120 USD Email
International $95 USD $ 175 USD Email